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“One Light Federation” was proclaimed by the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC QC, Administrator of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, as a recognised denomination under section 26 of the Marriage Act 1961 on 29 October 2015. The Proclamation commenced November 4 2015


On March 2 2016, “One Light Federation” was registered as a Not-For-Profit Organisation and granted Tax-Exempt Status.


One Light Federation” is a Federation of Trusted-Souls, able, willing and ready to serve and to uplift like-minded Member Organisations who have in-common, a spiritual philosophy of love, light, truth, oneness and universality, consistent with the “One Light Federation” teachings & beliefs.

“One Light Federation” is a Recognised Denomination and Spiritual, Religious Governing-Body, governed by a Constitution, facilitating the teaching, promotion, awareness and practice of the fundamentals of spirituality amongst mankind, whilst adhering to and recognising the need to live and respond with unconditional love in all ways. This is the way of living and surviving in peace, harmony, eternal-life and youth.

“One Light Federation” is a totally-loving, peaceable, non-judgemental, tolerant, gentle way of life and living, regarded as the way taught, advocated and promoted by Jesus Christ, based on pure love, with total acceptance, reverence, respect, belief, faith and trust in Almighty God, The All-Seeing, All-Knowing, Divine, Loving and Supreme-Being, The One “True, Sacred and Illuminating Light”, “The Great, Eternal Spirit” serving us all and with faith and trust in “The Christed-Light” and Spiritual Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Great Masters.

“One Light Federation” is also an overseeing, religious, spiritual governing-body, administering to and providing guidance to philosophically and spiritually like-minded Member-Organisations, Churches, Sanctuaries, Associations and Philosophies, which have totally agreed and subscribed to the ideals, beliefs, principles, tenets and teachings of and as promoted by “One Light Federation”.

“One Light Federation” is a Ministry of Truth, One Union with Divine-Light, The God-Head, known as “God”, or “The Great Spirit” and holds true to the ideals that the Supreme-Being, “Light”, is of service to all life, providing perfect-exclamation for all to be shared and transmuted into the practicality of life situations, whereby experience and growth is rectified and embraced.

“One Light Federation” is the New Way, The Way of Oneness, a Ministry of Harmony, Fellowship, Camaraderie, Divine-Presence and Order; of Holy-Beings Serving One-Earth, as part of the Universe, God’s Creation and Plan and is a new way of looking at and accepting that we are indeed “One” with The Divine-Light that serves us, a Ministry of The Divine, Sacred-Being, One Uniting Light, One United Body of Mankind, of Spirit and Divine-Light, working with God, bringing Unity, Wholeness and Consummation”.

It is the responsibility of “One Light Federation”, as a spiritual, religious governing body and recognised denomination, to provide leadership and direction, availing time for clarity upon matters relevant to the beliefs, teachings, philosophy and practices of “One Light Federation”.

“One Light Federation” is of unity - the liberation which comes to solidify, striving for a greater-world, a world of peace and tranquillity, where people will bathe in the righteousness of their souls and have a likeliness of the gold.


“One Light Federation” - delivering Truth and an outpouring of Love, Divinity and Consummating the Trinity of Eternal Youth; accordingly, it is so-said that “One Flame, One Light”, will activate precise announcement and ornamentation of Sacred-Light.


The spiritually-guided journey of the Foundation Nominating and Foundation Deputy Authorities of “One Light Federation” is quite extraordinary, but suffice to say that every step of their pathway has been “Guided”, “Pre-Arranged” or “Orchestrated” from Higher-Level!

This is exactly how “One Light Federation” started out - through Right Reverend Jennifer, Spirit announced their desire that she and Most Reverend Gordon form a new Spiritual Governing Body and Spirit also announced that its name will be “One Light Federation”!

From this moment forwards, it was a slow and demanding road, requiring due time, diligence and after the preparatory planning and preparation had been completed and applications lodged for the appropriate authorities, then came the need for patience, as the wheels slowly turned, but there came the Official Governmental approval and “One Light Federation” was officially proclaimed a “Recognised Denomination”. After further application, “One Light Federation” was endorsed as a “Recognised Charity”.


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