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“One Light Federation” believes in, subscribes to and promotes the following:  “Personal Responsibility” is recognized and accordingly, awareness of our own thoughts, words and actions is demonstrated and owned, therefore circumstances and consequences apply.  

When one lives life through the heart of purity, there they will bathe in the sea of tranquillity, bliss, love and serenity, with unconditional love, non-judgment, humility and love, being and doing the best in all situations and merging with the divinity within, which awakens one to possibilities of greatness and oneness, “Knowing, Believing and Arresting” the Eternal Divine Light, uniting with the God-self and attaining the truth.   

Communion with Spirit and Eternal-Life - We are all “One” In “Light”, served by One Light, The One Consciousness, The One Energy, The Christ-Seed, The Oneness, One Source - a way of Oneness.   As the Spirit of God is entwined within man and womankind and is the life-force and creation, irrespective of design, “One Light Federation” promotes “Loving-Acceptance” through “Oneness”, which overrides the need for separation and has bearing upon all walks of life, all creeds and declarations. 

“One Light Federation” seeks to proclaim the way to unity, to make things right, to unite and promote the unification of mankind without division, acknowledging the truth, that we are all “One With God”, Creator of us all and to abolish and rectify the wrongful and man-made division of God’s Children through what has been termed “Religion”, thus becoming “One Light, One Way, One Source, One Ray! 

“One Light Federation” promotes and advocates honesty, dedication, integrity, concern and respect, one for another, for our planet “Earth” and for Mother-Nature.  Mankind must be responsible for the Earth and for the relationship between mankind and all living-things, always acting with and out of love.  It is for one to take ownership of one’s deeds and thoughts and to acknowledge that as one does to another, one does unto oneself.  As a child of God, one ought to be a positive reflection of God, acknowledging that we are all God’s Children, Equal in The Eyes of God, Loved, Divinely-Created, Inspired, Equipped and with a Deep, Meaningful Purpose, Eternally carrying throughout, transcending Earthly-Lifetimes.   

“One Light Federation” promotes all-embracing and uniform peace to Mankind, a unity and oneness, entwined with loving-compassion, understanding, tolerance and kindness.  “One Light Federation” recognises that we are from “One Divine Source” and indeed wanting and yearning for union with God and that it is our intention and dedication to further the relationship between mankind and the universe, the whole becoming exactly that:  Whole! 

“One Light Federation” comprises and espouses “Unity”, whereby people are aware of the diversity that embellishes love and peace; to serve and only know “One God”, having the understanding that all men and women are equal, energy-beings, radiating the “Light of The Divine-Essence”, created from the same spark. 


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